Mind & Body Yoga tour (Switzerland)
Dates: 30.08.2020–05.09.2020
About this journey...
Want to know more about this tour?
800 Euros
Tour package (not included: tickets to Switzerland and transfer).
7 days/6 nights
Full board accommodation in a 4 or 6 shared bedroom
All levels of yoga
Consultation: which class level is right for you
Yoga practice
Two classes of yoga per day
Hiking, excursions, and more
Liddes, Switzerland
Heart of the Alps
What to expect:
* Two classes of yoga per day

* Meditation with tibetan singing bowls

* Two excursions per week (hiking + day excursion to Italy)

* Delisiouse healthy food

* Pranayama on the slopes of the alps

* Lecture "Top 10 Reasons for Going Veggie"

* Master class " Power of desire"

* Evening programms

* Cooking master classes

* "Beauty breakfast"

* Great opportunity to make new friends
What is Tibetan singing bowls?
Meditation isn't about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It's about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You're trying to turn off your thoughts. You're learning how to achieve mindfulness? What is it ?
Mindfulness is the ability to be present, to rest in the here and now, fully engaged with whatever we're doing in the moment.
How Tibetian bowls can help you ?
Singing bowls produce sounds which invoke a deep state of relaxation which naturally assists one in entering into meditation, the ultimate goal being enlightenment. They are a quintessential aid to meditation.
In addition to their traditional usage for meditation, Tibetan singing bowls are used for deep relaxation, stress reduction, holistic healing, Reiki, chakra balancing, and World music. Many people find that the rich blend of harmonic overtones which the bells produce have a direct affect upon their chakras.
What is Pranayama?
Pranayama (prana = energy + yama = control) is a type of meditation technique that involves various ways of controlling the breathing, with the goal being to withdraw ones senses from the outside world.

Briefly about some master classes
Everyday we work hard to make our jorney perfect
"Beauty breakfast"
Calling all beauty lovers - this event is designed especially for you.
We gonna to bring our beauty aficionados a lovely breakfast event where we'll learn about gentle, quality skincare.
Lecture "Top 10 Reasons for Going Veggie"
Anna Shatalova is vegetarian more than 10 years. She will tell you top 10 reasons for going vegetarian, why being vegetarian is good for the environment, balance vegetarian diet and will share with you receipts of delicious vegetation meals.
Master class " Power of desire"
It is your chance to understand your desire and wishes? Difference between them and make desires in a mystical place, in the heart of the Alps
f we want something truly, then we need to desire it profoundly. This is a starting point where vague thoughts meet with cemented purpose. After it, уverything is achievable.
Tour package
More about what we are offering
The price 800 € includes:
  • Yoga classes
  • Full board: breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Accommodation
  • Exursions
  • All the activities
Additional costs:
  • Packet money
  • Plane/bus/train tickets to Switzerland
  • Transfer to the chalet
  • Medical insurance
What to bring with you:
Warm clothes (warm jacket)
For Yoga
Yoga mat, yoga outerwear
Switzerland has its own system of electric plugs. Bring your own adapter.
Passport (ID card), pocket money (credit card), cell-phone, medical insurance
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Who we are
People who will work every day to provide the best experience and to make our tour special
Anna Shatalova
Meditation specialist, organizer
Nina Vereshagina
Yoga instructor, organizer
+7 981 830 10 04 Anna
+7 900 642 65 19 Nina
Travel with us!
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